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The Centre for Leadership Studies - Europe

CEO, Dr David Wall has built extensively on his original work with Drs Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard.

Using this original work as a cornerstone and over twenty years extensive research into what the best companies do to stay that way, along with practical application in a wide range of Europes' top companies a new process has emerged, the "Towards The Complete Leader®" series.

The Centre for Leadership Studies - Europe team have used the "Towards the Complete Leader®" series in their work with individuals, teams and organisations throughout the UK, Europe and North America….Bank Managers, Customer Service Assistants, Political Leaders, Night Shift Production Workers, Chief Executives and Olympians - a complete range of human-kind at every level of endeavour.

leading-change.co.uk is delighted to be the sole distributor of the "Towards the Complete Leader®" Series in the UK and Europe - with this proven process forming the bedrock of all of our workshops and training programmes.



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Our research and practical experience has enabled the creation of simplified but effective models of successful practices, designed to support one of the primary areas of personal and organisational development vital to your future success...leadership.

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