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Who have we helped ?
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Our recent clients include:
• Abbey National
• Alstom
• A.T.O.C.
• Bush Housing Assoc.
• Clipper Ventures
• easyJet Airline Company
• easyCar.com
• Flexsys
• GEAE Caledonian

• Hillarys Blinds

• Learning + Skills Council

• Lucent Technologies
• Pavillon Housing Assoc.
Royal Bank of Scotland
• South Central Trains
• Virgin Atlantic Airlines
• Wessex I.O.D.

Recent project outlines...

Alstom Transport
A major project to deliver safe, reliable new "tilting trains" for Virgin to operate on the West Coast Mainline - we led the development of the strategy to deliver the project and to a performance level never before achieved. Working with the managing directors and their teams, this involved bringing together Railtrack, HMRI, HSE and 3 separate businesses within Alstom plus 85 key suppliers to create new working processes and practices that engaged all groups in a common purpose.

This project includes working with the chief pilot to improve the organisation and service delivery of flight operations at a time of rapid growth. To build leadership and communication capability of the key team within flight operations. To create a greater cohesion amongst the flight operations team, clarifying roles, responsibilities and the climate in which they work together. To develop the strategic and operational framework for flight operations in readiness for further rapid expansion, working with the chief operating officer and then his key executive team. Developing new thinking about effective cross-departmental work groups and applying new ideas to the way in which all staff contribute to delivering a unique easyJet experience to passengers. Helping to embed the “orange” culture within the whole operations group

Leading-change.co.uk have recently worked with easyJet on a number of projects, particularly related to the easyJet and GO integration. This work included ensuring the terms and conditions changes required by the transition were completed, including the TUPE requirements. Advising on the negotiations with the relevant trade unions, and assisting in re-structuring the consultative machinery to align with the increased numbers and distribution of staff. Worked with the ground handling operation to restructure the management of that area and introduced revised shift patterns and working practices to the staff involved

Virgin Atlantic Airlines
An on-going project, working closely with both the human resources and managing director, to assist Virgin Atlantic in implementation of the Employee Relations Act 1999 which includes dealing with the changes resulting in pilot and cabin crew staff choosing to have trade union support. Dealing with these changes has led us to the mentoring of senior managers, training of managers and staff committees to build relationships that can handle the expectations of trade unions. We have helped Virgin Atlantic to put in place a staff consultative structure, which has for the first time established a company wide forum. Chaired by the managing director, this forum gives staff the opportunity to have an input in to operational matters affecting the whole organisation. The underlying issues that led Virgin Atlantic staff to want to join trade unions have to be addressed and we are working closely with them to re-assess their overall payment and reward system, job evaluation measures and pay structure. In overview, we are helping Virgin Atlantic to re-structure and work towards a future that we have helped them to describe. Together, we will do this without losing the essential feature that differentiates Virgin Atlantic from its competitors.



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 Who have we helped ?
• Alstom Transport
• ASDA Stores
• Allied Dunbar
• Alfred McAlpine
• Argos PLC
• Atotech GmbH
• Abbey National PLC
• ABB Industries
• AXA & Sun Life Assurance
• Apple Computers
• BDO Stoy Hayward
• British Olympic Association
• British Nuclear Fuels PLC
• British Sugar
• Coral Racing
• Ciba Geigy PLC
• Du Pont
• easyJet Airlines
• Eurotunnel
• Environment Agency
• Great Lakes Corporation
• Knorr Bremse
• London Transport Buses
• L'Oreal
• Lancome
• London Underground
• LucasVarity
• Labrokes
• Lloyds TSB Bank
• Mercury Telecommunications
• N & W Global Vending
• National Health Authorities
• P P P
• Rhone Poulenc Rorer
• Rolls Royce
• Rover Cars
• Royal Bank of Scotland
• Rufflette
• Robson Rhodes
• Sainsbury's
• SMA Nutrition
• Sandwell College
• Shoppers Drug Mart
• Serco Rail
• Virgin Atlantic Airlines
• West Coast Traincare
• Wyeth Laboratories
• Wesleyan Assurance
• Wiltshire County Council
• Warner Lambert

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