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"towards The Complete Leader®"

Designed with the simple aim of helping people be themselves at their very best and developed to support one of the primary areas of personal and organisational development critical to future success......leadership.

In our experience most management texts seldom get read to any great extent. It's the "essence" that's vital to the reader. It's the same with most training events. That's how we have approached this work. We keep it simple - keep it short and succinct - and keep it to the point.

This programme and materials are practical, based on robust content, and focus on peoples' real world activities. We use simulations that relate to your specific situations, feedback that builds on your strengths and unique activities that enable you to define a "Day in the Life of your Future".

Our research has produced simplified models of successful practices that are learn-able, practical and capable of delivering major improvements in personal and collective performance.

• Be yourself, together with all your strengths, weaknesses and anxieties, but with a view of success that others believe you to have and hold with conviction.

• Be articulate, but in your own obviously unique way, where the words, signs, examples or symbols you use are understood by others both rationally and emotionally.

• Be concerned that others understand things in their own terms - that their views, feelings and aspirations matter, as do the aims you collectively seek.

• Be balanced in the face of opposition or contradictions and don't compromise when there are new solutions to find. Combine (seemingly) contradictory notions, to become:- - objectively subjective - wisely naive - sensitively thick-skinned - rationally emotional

• Or as an organisation, become:- - centrally decentralised! - consistently diverse! - or even black and white without being grey!

• Seek collaborative effort, yet inspire individual imagination: be true to what you believe is right but help establish a climate that seeks to willingly engage others and their contributions.

• Share progress amongst all; review little successes - recognise potential contributions, get people to evaluate their own achievements and to want to get still better. Don't shy away from criticism; face up to disappointment, challenge its causes and help yourself and others to regroup and correct.

• Understand why "wanting to" is as important as "how to"
• Actually get to "want to"!
• Vision a "Day in the Life of your Future"
• Understand our "towards The Complete Leader"®
• Review the "fundamentals" of leadership and steps to enhance and improve skills.
• Look at the key "enablers" and steps to enhance and improve skills.
• Gain ideas for action to get to your future.
• Complete a "self" assessment to highlight your strengths.
• Develop a real coaching plan for personal development and review

If your need to understand is as passionate as ours, it's the initial steps at trying to do new things that will lead to a desire to want to know more. Quickly apply any new ideas this work encourages - and then work to see what else you can learn.

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• Managers & key players.
• People who have the responsibility for managing & supervising others.
• People running their own small businesses!
  • Dates for 2005 coming soon
Organisations who have attended recently include:
• British Telecom
• easyJet Airline
• Royal Bank of Scotland
• Quadriga
• Shell Exploration
• South West Trains

The above workshops are located at our head office set in the historic city of Chester in Cheshire. For more details on programmes closer to you email us or call 01244 341241

The workshop is held over two days, starting at 10.30am on day 1, 9:30am on day 2 and each day will finish at approximately 5.00pm.

The fee of £795 +VAT per delegate includes all workshop materials, refreshments and buffet lunches on day 1 & 2. Accommodation not included. Discounts are available. To find out if your organisation qualifies, please contact us on 01244 341241.

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