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To support our change projects and programmes leading-change provides a range of innovative processes, tools and techniques for every stage of the journey through change.

These materials, developed by our partner organisation The Centre for Leadership Studies - Europe are available under licence, instruct, advise and coach on successful techniques. They are designed to challenge thinking, guide actions, focus attention and transfer knowledge. They provide a unique medium for developing a consistent company wide approach to leadership and major change.

This workbook is aimed at clarifying the research and thinking behind the development of the approach used by successful leaders. It develops the readers understanding of leadership in its broadest terms and takes a step by step approach to building their knowledge about the skills and behaviours that are proven to bring successful results.

These full colour models capture and succinctly summarise the findings (above) in a graphic way.

The findings of the questionnaires highlight people's strengths together with areas to address. These surveys are used to pinpoint key areas for development and performance improvement using the "Towards the Complete Leader" approach.

  • "self" - is completed by the person being assessed on their leadership skills and behaviours.
  • "other"- is completed on that person by their boss, their peers and their direct reports
  • "group other" - is completed about a specific group of the same grade or level
    i.e all team leaders, all sales managers, the board etc.

• SCORING & ACTION PLAN - scoring and action planning document
We have developed a manual method analysing/interpreting results "live" at a workshop. With guidance by the Facilitator/Tutor the participants plot and interpret their scores using this detailed 8 page document. This helps to provide initial feedback during the workshop/session.

REPORT - analysis for more indepth feedback
Reports are returned prior to workshops in electronic/hard copy format. Questionnaires are completed, a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the workshop and returned to support centre for analysis and the creation of summary report(s).



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