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"Shaping The Future ®"

In a nutshell ....
You might not like where you are, but if you can't see an alternative …. what next?
You might see a better place to be, but if you can't build a bridge from where you are ….what next? And if you love it where you are but its no longer relevant …..what then?!

"Shaping the future®" links your present and future thinking with the present and future practices that will enable you to create a future you seek. It helps you become what you really want to be - as a business, team or individual.

It stems from the understanding that without some concept of what your business, your team or you are aiming to be, you really can't build a strategy to deliver it. Likewise, without a coherent strategy, you can't establish the essential every day activities that bring your concept to life. Similarly unless we link what we think and do "now" with what we need to think and do "then" we'll fail to truly understand what we're aiming at and how to bridge the time "in between".

Without a clear understanding of the changing context of the business, it's underlying purpose and the strategies most likely to deliver success, there is a danger you could be busy doing the wrong things! It's bad enough going in the wrong direction - it's got to be mad to work hard getting there!

Why "Shaping the future ®" ?
For years people at all levels have been sent on training courses and coaching events to try and change their habits, but without really influencing their THINKING - and we wonder why nothing changes!

It is changed or alternative thinking that makes connections amongst seemingly disparate issues. Blind thinkers would have never seen two low cost airlines rethinking air travel, and becoming not only the fastest growing airlines in Europe...... but the only growing airlines.

In chaotic times of rapid change successful businesses must constantly seek to create the changes in their markets or at least adapt to them. And why those markets? Many things we do today, may not be appropriate or even relevant in the future - and the way people act and behave may be the only real way to differentiate a company in the eyes of its customers - or an individual in the eyes of an employer! Its not that "THEY" have to change it's that "I" have to. But to what? And how?

To be able to change, we have to "unlearn" the way we THINK as well as the way we ACT! We will not change our thinking or habits unless a mixture of a compulsive and more exciting future and an appreciation that things could be better - drives the change. Change has to touch people emotionally and channel their feelings for it to last!

How does "Shaping the future®" help me?
"Shaping the future" provides clarity, direction and focus for the longer term, a picture or concept of the future or "sense of purpose" that is understood and shared by everyone in your organisation. As the past has shaped the way you work today, so this will shape the way you work in the future.

It links the three levels of thinking:
Concept----------------- Strategy --------------------- Operations

With three key timescales:
Now ------------------- in Between--------------------Then

• Today the period we are in "now"- (today's daily detail and why we do it that way!)
• Sometime in the future "then" - (a shared sense of purpose and what it looks like when realised)
• The interim/transition period "in between" - (where we all appear to spend so much of our time)

We demonstrate that "time in between" is the time where we can "change thinking", "change strategy" and "change habits". The heart of the process is creating a "day in the life of your future®" - a comprehensive, multi media description of your aspirations realised that gives real meaning to what you're aiming at.

Our "nine box"© model has proved time and time again, to be what our clients consider "an extraordinarily powerful land innovative tool" . It's there to help you and your business conceive and deliver that "day in the life of your future" you seek.

"Shaping the Future" is a practical business and personal tool developed from over 20 years research and experience of major change projects. It is used by organisations, teams and individuals to help simplify and prioritise the complexities of change, and to implement integrated, holistic solutions.

A powerful tool, "Shaping the Future" helps you and your business to succeed in an ever more demanding future

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