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"towards the Complete Leader®"

In a nutshell ....
Seeing the right tomorrow is vital - but not enough. You need to mobilise and sustain the support, commitment and capability of your people to create that new tomorrow.

"Towards the Complete leader®" is a personal and business development tool. It provides a clear framework for understanding and dealing with the many complex issues facing businesses today. It enables the thinking and actions that help to provide clear direction, encourage an inspiring culture and focus attention on outcomes that matter.

Today this unique and highly respected approach forms the cornerstone of leadership development in a range of organisations in both public and private sectors.

Who is the "Complete Leader"?

In essence the "Complete Leader" is one who works hard to create a shared, compulsive sense of purpose; one who fosters a constructive culture or a way of doing things that is understood on a wide front; and one who ensures that key outcomes and measures exist to guide towards both the achievement of the company's aims and the way in which people work together to succeed.

The difference between the "best" organisations and the "rest" is their continuing ability to tap the talents of a critical mass of their people- whilst staying focused on the changing needs of the organisation and it's customers.

Complete Leaders create Great Places - to buy from, work in and invest in. They see, or sense, the whole as well as the parts - they know how things fit together to create the success the organisation, and its people, seek.

Fundamental to "Towards The Complete Leader" and a key element of our work is a balanced approach to leadership that focuses on strengths, and which meets the needs of the business, it's customers, it's people - all its stakeholders.

What is "Towards the Complete Leader" ?
"Towards The Complete Leader" highlights the practices of exemplary leadership whilst integrating all of the components of the Complete Leader into a single framework. It extends our understanding of leadership in terms of:

• The "direction" in which organisations need to travel
• The "processes" used by leaders to get people to "come with them

The 3 fundamentals of the complete leader:
• Vision: a compulsive shared sense of purpose - the "what" we are about around here.
• Culture: our values and beliefs - the "way" we do things around here.
• Measures: tracking progress on both of the above- how "well" are we doing so far ?

The 3 "enablers" that will bring these fundamentals to life:
Passion - inspiring commitment
Systems - establishing support systems
Results - delivering results

By adopting these and other principles of "Towards the Complete leader" you can make a difference.

History provides us with evocative models of gallant leadership. But whilst the heroes of so many generations are seen by some as the embodiment of leadership and personal courage, it's so often the "ordinary" individual succeeding against overwhelming odds that remains the most emotive figure of admiration.

The search for the magic ingredients that enable these individuals to excel has taken many paths. Pure academics have examined the traits of the successful, the timing or situational appropriateness of specific individuals as well as generic "behavioural competencies" of leadership achievement. We've identified the "visionaries", the "inspirers", the "controllers" and now perhaps the "genetically predisposed"! To some, leadership, like the Holy Grail, remains that elusive chalice whose enticement is it's very inability to be objectively defined. We are often blinded by the mythology surrounding a few outstanding leaders who seem to represent something beyond our understanding.

Our founding partner- The Centre For Leadership Studies - Europe, has built on earlier findings over the last 20 years, specifically focussing on what the best seem to do to stay that way. The findings of this ongoing research continue to show that everyone has potential to lead - and the fundamentals are both explainable and trainable - and at every level.

The truth is - we CAN become the leaders we aspire to be...

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